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The Party Maker


  • 6 Pizza, thin crust

  • 29 Lb Chicken Breast

  • 107 Eggs

  • 98 Lb Eggplant Parm

  • 23 Meatballs

  • 4 Lb. Pasta


About this dish

From the fine cuisine of Westfield, New Jersey - this concoction comes at a hefty health risk. Each dish will likely result in hospitalization, cardiac bypass and relentless farting. That didn't stop Brian Paul, a local resident and acrlyic expert from creating a dish that will keep us all warm during the fall evenings. Just gather your friends, serve the dish quickly.


First, you will need to find storage space for the ingredients. We recommend you set up a fake party as a reason to have friends bring them over to your house, thus avoiding the need to evacuate your children from their bedrooms. When guests arrive ask them to drop the ingredients into a large pile at the center of your backyard. Having a handmade outdoor firepit comes in handy as you can just throw everything on top of a crudely built fire and braze this meal to a char. Please arrange for commercial-grade barf bags (10 Gallon bags will suffice) and pitch forks to carry the food over to people's plates.  We highly recommend you place signs on your guest toilets indicating they are closed for inspection or else... take our word for it - a long night will be ahead of you of you don't.

It has also come to our attention that some chefs have used incorrect ingredients.

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Good Luck!

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