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Why this piece?

George Nelson designed the platform bench as his premiere collection for Herman Miller. The design has been copied, modified and adopted for use indoor, outdoor and as a display piece. The integrity of the bench comes from the choice of materials (usually hard maple) and the joinery (half lap joints). The original design was all-wood, but my preference is to fabricate the legs from powder-coated steel tubes. 


This bench deserved the extensive craftsmanship associated with accurate joinery, careful surface preparation, coating, and finishing. Although I take advantage of modern tools, it takes many hours of careful attention to detail to get the result desired: well-built furniture which will last for generations.

Want to know why this take so long? I documented the entire process of building the bench when the Arts & Art History department at the University of North Carolina @ Asheville commissioned 3 benches in 2021. 

Experience the build

Join me in the meticulous planning and fabrication of this iconic design. The playlist on the right contains the following chapters:

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