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What they say...

Katherine Bailey

GM The Wall Street Journal

News Corp

Tiran was instrumental in leading a Lean initiative across the Ad Sales properties, with a mission of cutting out excess "churn" and thus improving on and "leaning" out television business processes...his facility to get buy-in and guide an initially somewhat skeptical group was extraordinary. His passion for his craft is also palpable. He is tireless toward reaching resolutions to difficult business problems, and has a style that is inclusive, and helps him and all those around him reach collective goals. I hope to work with Tiran again.​

Jim Longenecker

VP Document Publishing

T. Rowe Price

Tiran is an industry expert who is able to ask the "right questions" to capture the needed information to identify opportunities to improve process. He drives projects forward and delivers applicable results.

[for work done at T. Rowe Price]

Will J. Wright

Sr. News Editor

NBC News

Tiran is a man of total commitment who brings a fresh level of intellect and creativity to the group. The demands of my work require immediate attention to issues that need to be measured and quantified. Though Tiran's forte is long range strategic initiatives, he never fails to carve out quality time from his busy schedule to help. Tiran's approach, willingness to share his expertise and blunt solid assessments lead to speedy and successful outcomes. I always joke with him about being "scary smart" because his intuition and keen instincts always keep him on the threshold of discovery. I love working with him, and always look forward to the methodology and process of resolving obstacles and coming to conclusions. I know that when I get into a jam and have problems figuring something out, his fresh, creative ideas never fail to get me back on track.”

John Sabino


GE Digital

Tiran is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable and effective process leaders I have had the privilege of working with. He can operate at both strategic and operational levels within a business unit and is equally comfortable in communicating with senior executives as well as junior managers to bring about measurable performance improvements. His ability to identify game changing opportunities and his confidence in putting together systems and processes to bring these opportunities to fruition truly sets him apart from many of his peers. It has been a true pleasure to work with him and I will always continue to seek him out for advice and guidance on how I can improve my organization. He is the absolute best in his field and I would jump at the chance to work with him again.

Vojin Gjaja

VP Strategic Initiatives

NBC Universal

Tiran has proven to be an extremely valuable and versatile asset for our group. By applying his extensive Six Sigma, Lean, and Agile experience, he and his teams have introduced dramatic process improvements within the business. Tiran pushes himself to find the creative solution to a problem and then works tirelessly to see it implemented.

Guy Erlich


Water Tech Industries

“Tiran is a creative genius. He is a motivated team player that any company would be lucky to have on staff. If I wasn't running my business I would hire him to do so.”

Ravi Changela


Carlyle Group

Tiran is a great asset to any organization. He is skilled at quickly analyzing and understanding complex situations with a style that is adaptable to many different organizational cultures. This allows him the ability to bring clarity and sound advice on improving processes while building trusted relationships (which is evidenced by the fact that clients ask for him by name).”

Jodi Kahn


iVillage NBCU

[Tiran’s] ability to drive change is enormous and totally contributed to iVillage organizing for stronger performance. The magnitude of rigor, accountability and process introduced internally is huge and change is never easy. [He] has been so dedicated to iVillage - we have learned so much, pushed ourselves to new places as a result of this great work.

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