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Resume Builder

Assuming you already have a resume you are happy with: Do you need a way to better manage the information in it and a tool to help you create multiple versions for it?


Resume Builder is a se friendly tool to automate the task of putting together a Resume. It is built entirely in Word VBA so does not require installation. You keep your resume details in an external excel file (a template for the excel is included) and hit a single button on the toolbar to refresh the content.

The advantage of this tool is that working with a structured table is much easier when making changes to a resume. It's easy to find the information you want, easy to maintain multiple variations of your resume when you want to highlight a specific job experience and it is very handy when you need to apply to a job that requires you to re-enter your resume into an online tool. Has the Resume import ever worked for you or do you find spending a lot of time fixing what their import tool messed up?

Want to learn more? Download the help file.

Compatibility: Word 2007, 2010 and later, including for Office 365. Windows ONLY (not tested on Mac)

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