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As my career shifted from business operations to strategy and performance improvement, the technology used to power transformation became an essential component of the solutions I propose to clients.


My role as Chief Digital Officer at Cognizant is to bring industry context to our vast offerings in Analytics, AI, Marketing Services, IoT, Infrastructure and BPO. Cognizant is a company of 270,000 employees and is solely focused on digital transformation. My definition (of this overused term) is this: aligning your entire company around relentless customer focus with the tools and technology to empower your employees, create profitable growth and maximize the value your customers see in your services or products. 


Previously, I led IBM's GTS (global infrastructure) business for mobility and physical security in North America. Working with a talented team of experts in the field and creating solutions across IBM's business units is challenging and gratifying at the same time.


Earlier I served as head of corporate strategy for NBC Universal where the focus was on optimizing business performance and creating new revenue-growth initiatives in digital, ad sales, parks, film, news, studio, distribution and more. It wasn't until I joined IBM that I came full circle to appreciate the role that well-designed infrastructure and technology solutions play to deliver the business growth. My approach to technology* is as an enabler for better customer and employee experiences. However, it is the purposeful application of design thinking which allows us to create seamless transitions from one experience to another and bring to life a customer-centric vision. See my skills section for more about the tools I use.



*I guess I have never really abandoned my roots as a technology geek, see “Dagan is years ahead of his time”.

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